Latitude 34°South is where you will find Cape Reinga - the symbolic 'northernmost point' of New Zealand, and the inspiration for the name of our business.

We are very proud of where we are from and absolutely adore New Zealand.

Alongside our love of New Zealand is an even greater love of sharing our country with visitors.

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At 34°South we talk about ‘People & Place’.  That’s about being with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.  When people and place align, you have a true ‘moment in time’.

With many years of experience designing travel and events both in New Zealand and around the world, we are super clear on what we will provide you with: an extraordinary New Zealand travel experience. 

We know New Zealand like the 'back of our hand'.

We were born here, and we've explored here. We've hiked, biked, sailed, kayaked, skied, driven, surfed and more.  

We've relaxed in the luxury lodges, camped on beaches, slept soundly in great hotels and hunkered down for nights in mountain huts and tents.

We've hung out with local artists and producers, shopped in our gorgeous cities, and enjoyed incredible culinary experiences throughout the country.

It's now something we want to share with you.

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Working alongside us throughout New Zealand are our amazing suppliers, contacts and friends, all at the ‘top of their game’ in their respective areas.  

This hand-picked, fun and passionate team all share that all-important ‘hospitality-gene’, and will do all they possibly can for you.  

Travel to New Zealand through us, and you’ll meet many of them.

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Authenticity, creativity, accuracy and a healthy amount of spontaneity are at the core of a travel experience designed by 34°South.  

If you are connected to travelling in this way and like the idea of working with us to design your time in Aotearoa New Zealand, then we’d love to hear from you. 

“Thanks for creating such a personalised itinerary for us.  You gave us far more then a vacation - you provided us with an experience and one we will be telling all our friends about!”

Frank Quinn | Vancouver, Canada

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